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As an adult, you surely must have a wide array of different clothing options in your closet. You have casual clothing, semi-casual, business, formal, etc. Your child should have a similar level of adaptability in their wardrobe as well. I'm not saying you need baby girl Jordan outfits in case you take your baby with you to shoot some hoops, but consider the fact that for some special events, there's a higher expectation in clothing type. You should have outfits perfect for a day at the lake, some Valentine's outfits baby girl will be sure to love, as well as options for everything in between. You can mix and match all of these different individual pieces as needed to suit the dress code of whatever event you find yourself in. This will also make it easier should you ever decide on mommy and baby girl matching outfits for the day; it's a wonderful feeling when you can throw something together at the last second that just works. View our entire baby outfits collection next!

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